Goshen Marble

About Goshen Multi Nigeria Limited

Goshen-Multi Nigeria Limited engages in manufacturing of a wide range of fabulous and exquisite cultured marble products, known as GOSHEN MARBLE, usually customized to meet client-specified needs registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with incorporation number RC 221933.


We have been combining natural marble’s beauty and human ingenuity for several years and offering our customers an elegant alternative over ordinary marble or ceramic marbles.

Cultured marble, meaning polished, refined and produced under controlled conditions, has many advantages over ceramic marbles, natural marble, acrylic or laminate marble.


  • Highly Durable
  • Stain resistant
  • Non-porous and won’t absorb stains that create bacteria
  • Seamless, which makes it more sanitary as there are no grout or places for dirt to hide or mold to grow
  • Is four times the strength of ordinary marble
  • Available in an unlimited assortment of colours
  • A low maintenance product
  • Locally produced so can be manufactured to meet your needs
  • Affordable

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“Goshen Multi has a galleria of customized marble and granite products from which our customers can make there orders”