Goshen Marble are beautifully customized cultured marble, onyx and granite kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, bathtubs, sinks, shower trays, shower enclosures and many other accessories for the bath and kitchen.

About Goshen Multi Nigeria Limited

Goshen-Multi Nigeria Limited engages in manufacturing of a wide range of fabulous and exquisite cultured marble products, known as GOSHEN MARBLE, usually customized to meet client-specified needs registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with incorporation number RC 221933.

Our Exquisite Marble Types

Objects and furnishing accessories in marble with an original, captivating and exclusive design.

Goshen Marble

Unlike natural marble, which is very porous and easily absorb stains, Goshen Marble is stain resistant and can be molded and shaped in many styles to meet specific desires of various users.

Goshen Onyx

This is an elegant translucent material that can be back-lighted for spectacular effects.

Goshen Granite

This formula offers a dramatic appearance of natural granite and can be applied to any surface including metal, wood, fiberglass, etc.

Goshen Two – Tone

These come in two colours, two formulae or both combinations. Two-tone creations are therefore a dramatic mix of Goshen Marble, Goshen Onyx and Goshen Granite.

Goshen Densified

Unlike others, Goshen densified material is one hundred percent (100%) poly stone.

Goshen Flex

This is a formula that can be bent and shaped during production. when finished, it is up to 4 times the tensile strength of natural marble. It is fabulous for "custom" installations.

A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret

Our Origin

Goshen Marble technology was acquired from the United States of America where it has been in use by the middle and upper class for over four decades. It is also in use across Europe and Asia because of its exquisite nature, which attests to its proven quality.

Our Technology

Goshen Marble is a combination of natural beauty and human ingenuity. Ground marble and granite dusts are chemically combined with resin and colorants to produce a material that is stronger, more stain-resistant and easier to maintain than natural marble and granite

What our customers are Saying

You make the tough decision to consult the different approach, but help us move forward with bold steps. Huge thanks for your team. Very relaxing and thorough. Friendly staff will bring you awesome relaxation feeling the the moment you enter…Great prices as well.

Marsh W.Executive Producer

Anytime I walk into my kitchen, I still can't believe it's mine. Your transformation works are marvelous and the little details all covered. Your team of excellent staff led by Femi and Lukmon are dedicated and they do a through job. You guys sure know your onions and I will not stop singing your praise whilst recommending you to all and sundry. Thanks for a beautiful job.

Iya Ibeji

You guys did an excellent job in my kitchen. I will definitely be recommending you to others. Thank you.

Mrs. Ngozi Aderibigbe

By this time three years ago you guys installed your marble in all my toilets and my kitchen. It's amazing despite usage and visitors traffic in my house those marble fittings still look as if they were installed last month after three years of serious usage. I will proudly recommend such products to those who care for quality and durability. Thanks so much.

Mr. Stanley

You have Made my Kitchen so beautiful that it looks good to sleep in. My wife is overjoyed! Thank you.

Mr. Michael OaiKhinan
November 17, 2017

The Bathroom

Generally speaking, a bathroom or restroom is a room for personal hygiene containing a Bathtub or a Shower (or both), a Toilet, a Sink (Bowl), and possibly a Bidet. It…
September 13, 2017

The Kitchen

The kitchen has been described as the "sunniest part of the house". It is the place where cooking and general preparation of meals are done. Apart from the living room,…
September 12, 2017

Lagos Awards Goshen Marble

The government of Lagos State recently gave an award to Goshen Exquisite Marble for her contribution to the Industrial Development of the state in general and the Building Industry in…

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